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Valentine's Day is Coming!

Every day is a great day to show your love for friends, partners and family, however, the world has dedicated a day specifically to celebrate LOVE ... so we are happy to join in and oblige!

This Valentine's Day send the gift of tradition, culture and Caribbean goodness to a loved one or special friend. Our 2oz. Heart Shaped Black Cake Miniatures are the perfect gift to show that special someone how much you care.

Did you know that our Heart Shaped Black Cake Miniatures come in 4-count, 6-count and 8-count? This gives you the perfect opportunity to order the right amount! The same amazing flavor as our traditional cake, our Heart Shaped Black Cake and Black Cake Miniatures are cute cakes that are perfect for one, two, or to share with friends and co-workers.

Of course, our Rum Cake Miniatures also send a sweet sentiment, delivered directly to their door. With the option of 5 flavors to choose from, you surely will find the right combination of chocolate, banana, coconut, orange, and the original Angie's Rum Cake.

Valentine's Day is coming... get ready!

For the Day of Love, in the Spirit of Love!

Love, The Black Cake Company

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