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The Full Story

Angela Price - Founder of The Black Cake Company

 Angela Price started her mail-order business, The Black Cake Company (formerly Caribbean Cake Connoisseurs) in 1987 by selling Black Cakes.
​A native of Barbados, Angela moved to the United States in 1972 and wanted to share the rich cultural heritage surrounding traditional fruit cake from the Caribbean region. This passion led to creating and mailing catalogs and attending Black Expos to share the products with the North American region. This gourmet product is known as Black Cake, Great Cake, or Christmas Pudding, and is often served as a wedding cake.
Angela’s cakes have been sold worldwide since its inception. With the advent of the Internet, the company started selling online in 1996 and is currently sold through their website ( or and Amazon. The cake offerings have grown to include not only Black Cakes but Rum Cakes, Dundee cakes, German Chocolate Cakes, and Coconut Bread.
Understanding the need to maintain self-determination to go where God is leading, Angela continues to build the Black Cake Company brand, which focuses on being consistent and offering quality service to new and long-term customers.  Giving back and a sense of community continue to drive this entrepreneur who seeks to fulfill God’s purpose for her life while inspiring others.

The Real Caribbean Rum Cake

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Forge Ahead!

It is believed that what we refer to today as the "Caribbean Rum Cake" is used in some African countries and was brought to the islands in the mid-seventeenth century.  Research has shown very little about the origins of this Rum Cake, however, Europeans have also influenced the evolution of this cake.  Rum Cakes are very popular in the entire Caribbean region.  They are always served at Christmas, christenings, weddings, and even wakes.


The Caribbean Rum Cake is also known as Caribbean Fruit Cake, or by the addition of burnt sugar "Black Cake".  Depending on the Island you are from the cake is known as Black Cake, Christmas Pudding, Great Cake, Wedding Cake, Grooms Cake, or Fruit Cake, while some people may know it as Jamaican Black Cake or Bajan Black. Called by any name, this cake remains the celebratory cake that speaks to the culture and essence of the Caribbean people everywhere.

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