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Celebrating National Black Business Month: A Legacy of Caribbean Tradition and Family Values

August is not just a month of heat and sun; it's a month of celebration, reflection, and recognition. At The Black Cake Company, we're thrilled to celebrate August as National Black Business Month, a time to honor the rich tapestry of Black-owned businesses across the nation. As a woman-owned, Black-owned, and family-owned business, our journey since 1987 has been about sharing Caribbean traditions and cultures with the world through our beloved Black Cake and Rum Cakes.

Roots in Tradition

Our story began with Angela Price, a visionary and a proud native of Barbados. Angela's deep connection to her Caribbean heritage and the traditions that defined her upbringing served as the inspiration behind The Black Cake Company. She saw an opportunity

to introduce the world to the authentic flavors and heartfelt traditions embedded in Caribbean cuisine, specifically Black Cake and Rum Cake.

A Taste of Caribbean Heritage

Our Black Cakes, also known as Caribbean Fruit Cakes or Christmas Puddings, are a tribute to the Caribbean's vibrant culture. They are crafted with an exquisite blend of dried fruits, aromatic spices, and Caribbean rum. These cakes symbolize celebration and are often served at weddings, holidays, and special occasions in the Caribbean. With every bite, we invite you to experience the rich history and joyous traditions of the Caribbean which inspire The Black Cake Company.

Rum Cakes

Our Rum Cakes, soaked in a delightful blend of rum, embody the spirit of the tropics. They are a testament to the love and craftsmanship that goes into creating every cake. Each bite carries the essence of the Caribbean, allowing you to savor the flavors of the islands, no matter where you are in the world.

Family Values and Dedication

Being a family-owned business means that we approach our craft with love, care, and a deep commitment to quality. We take pride in preserving and sharing the culinary traditions that have been passed down through generations. It's not just about making cakes; it's about creating moments of joy, togetherness, and connection.

Supporting Black Business

As we celebrate National Black Business Month, we want to express our gratitude to all of you who have supported us over the years. Your patronage enables us to continue our mission of sharing Caribbean traditions and cultures with the world. By supporting Black-owned businesses like ours, you contribute to the growth and prosperity of our communities and help us preserve and celebrate our heritage.

Thank you for being a part of The Black Cake Company family. We look forward to continuing this sweet journey together, celebrating our heritage, and sharing the love that goes into every cake we create.

Here's to National Black Business Month, family traditions, and the rich tapestry of Caribbean culture!

With warmest regards,

The Black Cake Company

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