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NYC Beacon -The Black Cake Company (WATCH INTERVIEW)

Vance Gorman

Feb 9, 2021

NYC Beacon Interviews CEO Angela Price

Written and directed by New York Beacon’s Vance Gorman

“In 1972 a native from Barbados moved to the United States with a latent gift. As she journeyed through life, she faced different challenges and opportunities and began to seek her purpose through God. After many cake requests from close friends and family, she realized how she could impact the world. By measuring the ingredients of recipes passed down to her, Angela Price started her mail-order cake business, The Black Cake Company in 1987.

Bringing the culturally rich tradition of the Caribbean fruit cake to the North American region. Angela managed to spread her customer base all over the world. From Dubai to Japan customers have ordered Angela’s products. Her black cakes are especially popular for weddings and the holiday season.

In this interview, we highlight some challenges Angela faced during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the circumstances were not ideal, Angela never stopped displaying that self-determination that drove her to thrive as an entrepreneur.

“It didn’t deter me, and so I just kept going”. Angela said when talking about dealing with early setbacks in her career. She has displayed the very meaning of black excellence not only through perseverance but through her sense of community. In these times of uncertainty and loss, Angela has shown a deep concern for her customers domestically and abroad.”

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